2018 News

A massive thank you to everyone who came out to the bush with us! Anyone who helped out and made this at all possible, no words can express our gratitude! The weekend was filled with the best vibes and the site was left spotless!! It looks like we were never there 

For all those partay people who want to continue the Synaesthesia shenanigans we will be hosting the afterparty at 24 Moons in Northcote on the 24th of May, if you bring along your ticket from the weekend you will get cheaper entry!! Hope to see you all there 



Very Limited tickets available now as we are reaching capacity! you can still grab some from these promoters below. There will be a few food stalls this weekend as well as refreshing bevo’s hot and cold. Also we ask that you please take your rubbish home with you and that we leave this site spotless! Directions will be sent via sms early saturday morning. We are now only a few days away from the action so hope you’re all ready 😉

FLEMINGTON – Ten Ns (0434 496 699)
BRUNSWICK – Coskun (0452 507 407)
HAWTHORN – Matt Fowler (0435 491 957)
CAUFIELD – Ben Naaman (04 22 237 881)
MORNINGTON – Charlotte (0488 478 617)


banner 2019 set times

TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE so please contact a promoter in your area and secure yours before they run out!! Ticket price is $90. For those who attended last year (and did not lose their ticket!) please take the old ticket and show the promoter to receive a $10 discount. Lastly there will be $20 car pass charged at the gate for each vehicle to limit the amount of vehicles and preserve the site, so please carpool if possible and save your coin 😉

FLEMINGTON – Ten Ns (0434 496 699) & Andrew (0434 989 260)
BRUNSWICK – Coskun (0452 507 407)
COBURG – Phoenix (0403 956 790) & Nikki Sig (0420 774 914)
PRESTON – Patricia (0406 623 294) & Jaxon (0447 408 103)
RESERVOIR – Meridah (0410 701 312)
HAWTHORN – Matt Fowler (0435 491 957)
CAUFIELD – Ben Naaman (04 22 237 881)
MORNINGTON – Charlotte (0488 478 617)


S Y N A E S T H E S I A  . 0 1  O U T  N O W!!


Synaesthesia .01 (2)

Celebrating the launch of Synaesthesia’s first outdoor event in May we have collected the finest unreleased music from established and upcoming artists within our community. This release is sure to make you move and have a true synaesthetic experience.

Featuring tracks from Smilk, Kase Kochen, Maxi Basshead, Axon, Biomass, Dysmorph, Karicraft, D’amo, PKA, Sknow…


W I T H   M E T I C U L O U S L Y   I M P L E M E N T E D   S O U N D S  &  V I S I O N S   F R O M   T H E   M O S T   C U T T I N G   E D G E   M U L T I   D I M E N S I O N A L   A R C H I T E C T S ,  W E   A R E   B I N D I N G   TO G E T H E R   T O   C R E A T E   A   F U L L Y   I M M E R S I V E   S E N S O R Y   E X P E R I E N C E . . .