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A B O U T   U S

With a combined experience of around 20 years in music and sound production, and in light of current global events (as well as Soundcloud / Dolby's new paid auto-mastering algorithm!), we have decided to offer our services for those of you looking to recieve that final professional touch on your tracks. Our aim is to achieve a consistent balance on a variety of listening environments by eliminating problematic frequencies and other potential issues, in the end finding a perfect blend between loudness and dynamics while NEVER compromising quality. We will provide feedback on your mix before we master it so you can make a revision of the presmaster, allowing us to squeeze every last bit of potential from your countless hours of work before we take it over the line. If you feel your monitoring environment is far from ideal our stem mixing followed by mastering is a great choice to get the most out of your track and eliminate a lot of time going back and forth with revisions. Your satisfaction is our highest priority so for whatever reason if you are not happy with your master we will happily make revisions.

C H E C K L I S T  F O R  P R E M A S T E R

-No Compression or limiting effects on master channel (preferably no effects on it at all)
-Flatten your level peaks in the track as much as possible so we can push your track to the limit
-3-6db of headroom (absolutely no peaks above -3db)
-Export at 44.1khz or 48khz @ 24bit WAV (AIFF if you need)
-Do not normalize or dither on export (we will do that as the last process)
-Name your track clearly (so it doesn't get confusing if revisions need to be made on either end)

Lastly if you wish to include a few reference tracks of artists that you like the sound of, and which match your style, it can help us get a better understanding of what kind of end result of what you might be after.


1-2 Tracks = $30
3+ Tracks =   $25

S T E M  M I X  &. M A S T E R (plus rundown on what was done to your track so you can improve your premasters for the future)
$50 per track

E N G I N E E R  C O N T A C T S

SUMIRUNA - sumirunasounds@gmail.com
AMBLER - amblertunes@gmail.com